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MY VERY BEST! Ages 9-13 $199 + tax

For young ladies ages 9-13 - Worries about how the world views them, and not always feeling comfortable about themselves or in unfamiliar social settings can seriously impact self-esteem and confidence.  This 8-part social and life skills program is designed to introduce the "rules" for meeting social expectations and fitting into the world as well as build confidence, self-esteem & social competence.

FINISHING SCHOOL! Ages 14-16 $199 + tax

For young women ages 14-16 - Finishing high school can be exciting and a little scary at the same time.  Learning what is expected and respected for various social settings such as mixing with friends in public places, job interviews, dating etc. can boost confidence and help young women present themselves positively.  The 8-part Backpack to Briefcase Finishing School prepares young women to expand beyond their book smarts and increase their social savvy.  Read more here.
LITTLE MISS MANNERS! Ages 5-8 $199 + tax

For little girls ages 5-8 - Graduates of the Little Miss Manners program will develop skills they need to be successful at school, with their friends, and in life generally.

This 8-part series will teach what is expected AND respected in social settings and boost their confidence.  Having a clear understanding of social rules will help little girls not only show respect, BUT earn the respect of others as well.
"Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE...
The word itself says...I'M-POSSIBLE"
~ Audrey Hepburn ~
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A variety of camps are now being offered at In Good Company Etiquette Academy and Finishing School. 192 Tache, Winnipeg.

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As young men make their way in the world, knowing how to behave in different situations and learning good manners can build confidence. And CONFIDENCE IS COOL! 

Social competence is a skill young men are never too young to learn and never too old to use.  Read more here.

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 Spring/Summer classes or if you wish to be notified if a party date becomes available.
EVERYGIRL CAN CONFIDENCE CAMP! Ages 8-11  August 17-23 $249 + tax

All materials, beauty treatments, 3 course lunch, workbooks and prizes are included. A certificate of achievement will be presented the last day of class. Life can be exhausting and stressful for pre-tweens and tweenagers…fitting in and filling out, afraid to follow but to shy to lead, and making your way in the word while you’re finding out who you are. BUT- every girl can be confident.
REAL BEAUTY BOOT CAMP! Ages 12-15 $349 + tax

Includes lunches and all materials - certificate and special gifts. Being a real beauty is not the same as being really beautifu l- at least not in the way many people think. Sure it’s important to look good - but real beauty is something you find. You find it when you find your courage, confidence, and character and you build it when you practice civility and grace.
On the Move – a 3-day leadership and empowerment certificate program for youth ages 14-18. The curriculum was designed to support leadership development and offers knowledge and practical tools that promote education, character building, and collaboration.
Boys & Girls Ages 5-8 

 Bet you didn’t know that manners can be fun! Join us for Courtesy Camp this Summer Break for 5 full days, jam-packed with games, crafts, mini-lessons, songs, stories- and even a party. You never know….you might even see a Burpasaurous Rex there too!

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